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YOPP has grown to become a major actor in rural development issues in northern Ghana

YOPP grew out of Dalun Youth Association to serve as an umbrella organization for local youth associations in Northern Ghana.  Youth Opportunity Partnership Programme (YOPP) was established in 2006 to mobilize the youth in rural areas to exchange opinions and ideas and work towards youth activism.


YOPP is currently made up of 11 Local Youth Associations (LYAs) who are slowly transformed into community-based organisations leading community development agenda in their areas. YOPP applies the rights based and sports for development approaches.

YOPP relies on a small secretariat and a host volunteers from community associations. The volunteers lead their own associations. To do this capacity is needed in order to lead their LYAs and other community activism.  The volunteers with technical advice by the core technical staff support the youth associations in activity implementation at the local levels.

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If you would like to work for an organisation making a real impact on young girls.

YOPP is leading in Youth Empowerment in the Region

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Girls have no equal access to sports as boys have. This is why the YOPP Ladies team is established to give special space for girls’ recreational activities....