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YOPP as the implementing organization....

The Gender Sports and Health for Development project was a new project idea. This was jointly implemented by YOPP and Norsaac. YOPP was the lead partner but drew especially on Norsaac’s experiences in sexual reproductive health rights issues. It was a one year pilot project. The project is expanded to a two and and halv year project: The Gender Sports for Transformation and Empowerment Project (G-STEP)
Girls seminar

YOPP is a membership based organization. The Annual Delegates Congress (ADC) is the highest decision making body of the organization. The ADC elects the board members that oversee the policy formulation of the organization.

Girls' workshops

The ADC is made up of representatives of the 11 Youth Associations know as Local Youth Associations (LYAs). Each of the LYAs has their own elected leaderships and members that are autonomous bodies leading their own community development. YOPP provides technical and resources to the LYAs.

Community Meetings

YOPP’s vision is “empowered rural youth seeking political, economic and social change”.


Mission- The is to inspire the youth for constructive engagement, empowerment for a sustainable future in the service of mankind through sports and advocacy.

In YOPP we knows that man-made climate change is real and that it creates a great threat to the planet and its inhabitants, therefore we consider the environment first!